Perkins County is located in Southwest Nebraska, 18 miles south of Interstate 80 at Ogallala and in addition to being bordered by Deuel, Keith, Lincoln, Hayes and Chase Counties in Nebraska is also bordered by Phillips and Sedgwick Counties in Colorado.

    The Perkins County Sheriff's Office is located at the Perkins County Courthouse in Grant and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including holidays and weekends.  The Perkins County Sheriff's Office is responsible for providing law enforcement services for an area covering approximately 883 square miles and a population of about 2,970 persons.  In addition to patrolling rural areas of Perkins County and the two State Highways that traverse Perkins County, the Perkins County Sheriff's Office also provides contractual law enforcement services to the City of Grant and Villages of Elsie, Madrid and Venango.  There is no dispatch center or jail facility in Perkins County so dispatching is handled by the Keith County Communications Center and all prisoners are transported to the Keith County Jail both located in Ogallala, Nebraska.   

    The Perkins County Sheriff's Office staff presently consists of the Sheriff, one Sergeant, three Deputy Sheriffs, one Community Service Officer, and one Administrative Assistant.  The staff is committed to providing quality law enforcement services to all residents of and visitors to Perkins County, Nebraska.

   We encourage you to browse our website and hope the contents provide you with the information and knowledge you seek in learning about our agency.  We invite you to send your questions or comments concerning our website to: 

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